POK Marvin Weusthoff, POK Marius Müller, Innenminister Herbert Reul und POR Dominik Helms (v.l.)
Police sports awards NRW 2024
By Interior Minister Herbert Reul

Almost a year ago, the German national police team celebrated its great success at the European Police Championship in men's soccer. After Germany beat Switzerland 6:0 in the semi-finals, the final took place on 27.07.2023 in Newcastle. In the highly anticipated final match, Germany won 4:1 after 90 hard-fought minutes despite England's home advantage.

The special thing about it: Police Superintendent Marius Müller (central midfield) and Police Superintendent Marvin Weusthoff (goalkeeper) not only play together at TUS Ennepetal in the Oberliga Westfalen. Together they were also able to represent the NRW police in the national team and were instrumental in the victory.

This achievement should, of course, be recognized once again. What better event to do so than the police sports award ceremony?

Accompanied by Police Senior Councillor Dominik Helms, the two colleagues accepted the invitation from the Ministry of the Interior to Krefeld on 26 April 2024 to attend the NRW 2024 police sports award ceremony. After being welcomed by the Mayor of Krefeld and the Police President of Krefeld Police Department, NRW Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul expressed his respect and appreciation for the athletes. The fact that they achieve such top sporting performances alongside their everyday work makes them role models not only for the NRW police. However, the Minister expressed his appreciation not only through his words and the subsequent award ceremony. Rather, he was part of the entire event, which was characterized by an extensive supporting program.

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